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Amazonian Rainforest Conservancy

AYA is now buying land in Peru to preserve virgin rainforest in the upper Amazon to be held within a protected land trust.  Working with trusted local people to make our initial purchases of 100 acres of deep rainforest, AYA is partnering with the local Matses to continue to purchase and care for acreage in what can be considered an ongoing battle to preserve the rainforest for our own and future generations.  The land we’re buying would otherwise be clear-cut to make way for cocoa and sugarcane plantations, and then, once the land is depleted, given way to cattle farms.


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AYA Proactive Legal Advocacy & Defense Fund
– Working in partnership with NAAVC

AYA has sued the Drug Enforcement Agency and you can too . . . or at least, you can help us in our ongoing legal action as Plaintiffs against the DEA.  In Spring of 2020, in partnership with the North American Association of Visionary Churches (NAAVC), AYA sued the DEA in order to bring the DEA into compliance with federal court mandate, federal statute, federal administrative law, and constitutional law.  Quite seriously, the DEA had gone rogue and someone needed to call them on it.  So we did.  

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Maloca Building Project: New AYA Ceremonial Space

In tandem with the North American Association of Visionary Churches, AYA wants to build malocas across North America.   The maloca is the traditional ceremonial round-house of South America.  In the US, the traditional thatched roof and screened in windows aren’t always going to work.  But the traditional form can adapt to the demands of North American climate.  AYA is building its first maloca at our current base in the high western desert of Tucson, AZ.


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AYA Mission Fund for Military Veterans

Part of AYA’s mission is to support America’s war veterans.  Combat vets have been a regular part of AYA ceremonies for years now. We also work with The AYA Mission, a veterans’ group that helps support vets before during and after ceremony. Vets practiced in attending ceremony pair up in bringing other vets to ceremony in addition to lending continuity, integration, and community support following ceremony.  


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General Fund


By some accounts, AYA is up to absolutely no good.  We can see their point.  We understand that our religious and spiritual mission may appear at times to run at odds with the social grain.  But for anyone who has ever sat with us in ceremony, it’s clear to see that our congregation is made up of a total cross-section of the American demographic.  Those attending ceremony defy a single categorization.  It’s safe to say that we’re a true church with a broad and clear message.


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