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2022 Ayahuasca Healing & Learning Retreat in Peru

AYA Ayahuasca Healing & Learning Retreat in Peru
July 18th - July 28th, 2022

Retreat Location: Yachaywasi Lodge (located in the Amazon Rainforest, four hours upriver from Iquitos, Peru). 

Ayahuasquero Curandero: Don Eladio Melendez Garcia. Both Don Eladio’s father and grandfather were ayahuasquero curanderos. Don Eladio is both a respected teacher and healer, deeply familiar with the curative plants of the region. You’ll discover his approach to be welcoming and gracious. Don Eladio has traveled extensively throughout the region in his healing practice, in addition to participating in ceremonies with multiple tribes. His ready understanding of both western culture and tribal customs gives him firm footing in bridging the knowledge of the medicina to western mindsets. His retreat center is located in the rainforest outside of the tiny riverside village of Genaro Herrera. 

Arrival: Please plan on arriving in Iquitos, Peru no later than July 16, 2022.

Length of Retreat: 10-day stay (July 18 - July 28, 2022) at the Yachaywasi Lodge retreat compound. 

Basic Itinerary: 

July 16: We'll meet at Hotel La Casona in Iquitos, Peru.

July 18: We'll travel by bus and fast boat to reach the Yachaywasi Lodge outside of the riverside village of Genaro Herrera.

July 18 -  28: We'll journey and train in apprenticeship fashion with Don Eladio Melendez Garcia for 10 days.  While there, we'll sit in ceremony with ayahuasca 4 or 5 times and will spend our days learning and gaining experience with the traditions, songs, and medicinal plants of the region.

July 28: Return trip to Hotel La Casona in Iquitos.

Cost of Retreat: It's $1375 USD for your 10-day Healing & Learning Retreat at the Yachaywasi Lodge. Lodging, meals, and transportation from and returning to Iquitos are included in the cost of the Retreat. 

Additional Costs & Travel Arrangements: To make participation as economical as possible for everyone, we're leaving flight bookings and hotel reservations in Iquitos up to each participant; but, if you need assistance, we're happy to help. Flights to Iquitos, Peru are currently running around $700-900.  This is the most economical solution for those traveling from the US.  Our favorite flight booking site is www.seatguru.comWe recommend booking your flight from July 16 - July 30 to allow for sufficient travel time for this experience. Feel free to add a few extra days to the trip if you'd like more time to explore Iquitos (including the Shaman's Market in Mercado Belin) and surrounding areas.

Hotel: Hotel La Casona is our top choice for meeting in Iquitos before traveling upriver into the Amazon Rainforest. It's easy to book online and the hotel runs approximately $30/night. Hotel La Casona caters to ayahuasca travelers from around the planet. It's a great place to meet people. The easiest way to make a reservation is to email Hotel La Casona at You might find Google Translate helpful when making your reservation as well. We'd recommend reserving a room with AC. Hotel La Casona will also pick you up at the airport for transportation to the hotel.

Bus & Boat Trip: Transportation to Yachaywasi Lodge from Iquitos is included in the cost of the Retreat.

Passports: You’ll need a passport to travel to Peru from the US. You can begin the process online. It can take take 4-6 weeks for standard processing, 2-3 weeks for expedited processing, or less time if you’re near a passport field office. See link for details on timetables.

COVID-19 Travel Requirements: Covid immunization is not required to travel. However, proof of a recent Covid antigen test is required (no more than 72 hours prior to travel). A double face mask or single N95 face mask is required when entering Peru and inside the airports as well. Peru also requires a signed affidavit that you can fill out and sign online as well; so, we'll supply you with a link to complete this process online prior to your departure as well.

Climate: Rain and cloud-cover cycle day to day. Days can run into the high 80’s and evenings into the low 60’s.  So you’ll want to pack accordingly. Long pants are essential for jungle walks.

Translation: We will hire a Translator to assist us during our time at Yachaywasi Lodge.

We'll get you more details on what to pack and how to prepare for your stay in Peru as the trip draws closer as well.​

For additional information or to register for this Retreat, please contact us at (520) 777-1348 or

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