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Arizona Yagé Assembly

Tenets & Precepts

Clarify your intent and come to the sacrament with reverence and respect.  Drink the holy sacrament in communion with others. 

Do not create idols of doctrine, theory, idea, ideology, or language.  Instead, clarify your intent.  Seek inner silence.  Surrender through a place of acceptance in Holy Communion. 

Don’t rely on your insights as something changeless.  Return to the source of Love and insight.  Stay receptive.  Listen. 

Meet the world as an equal.  Lend your awareness to what’s right before your eyes.

Awaken yourself to the source of your own suffering.  Feel it.  Accept it.  Then pass through into another layer of inner silence and Divine Love.


Through Divine Love and acceptance come to forgiveness and gratitude.

Lend awareness to your whole physical form.  Treat your body as a temple.  Meditate daily and stay attuned to your body and spirit’s vibratory state. Don’t squander your vitality or sexual energy.  Bring new life into this world with love and confidence.


Attend to your own experience.

Check in on your breath.  When you come to what feels like a block, some weighty feeling, or some sense of self-importance or self-pity, then feel it.   Breathe it in.  Gently exhale it out.  Cleanse with the breath.  Explore how it feels to adopt a light touch with yourself and others.  Dust off your sense of humor. 

Feel and express how you feel.  Live from the heart.  Practice honesty.  Sustain your awareness on your heart.  Speak from the heart.

Live simply and share your energy and vitality in love.  Simplicity grows from the love of simplicity.

Bear witness to your anger.  Learn from it.


Learn what the disappointments in yourself teach you of acceptance.


Offer and accept forgiveness.

Let go of drama.  Conflicts arise.  Reconcile and learn what you can from them.   You can’t avoid conflict or grasp at peace.  If you’re arguing with someone in your head, return to your heart.


Speak openly and honestly without participating in partisan conflict.  A religious community needs to take a clear stand for the rights of humanity.  Our freedom to engage in our spiritual practice is our collective birthright.


Don’t do what you hate.  Don’t spend your life working at a job that doesn’t bear fruit, or worse yet is destructive to life.  Do not invest in companies that rob people of their lives or livelihood.  Choose a path with heart.

Don’t abdicate your personal power or personal agency.  Hold calmly to your essential rights as a living being on this earth.  Stand up for the underdog.  Inspire those lapsing into complacency.  Share the gift of courage.   Speak to the demoralized.  Reaffirm your reason for getting up each morning.  Help others to find theirs.


Be a living counter-measure to the advent of war.  Don’t fight wars.  Seek to heal the wounds of war.

Respect the property and boundaries of others.  Bring heartfelt awareness to those enriching themselves on the backs of human suffering.

When in the role of facilitator, lend your awareness in guiding others to accept their own suffering.  Guide them gently in understanding that if they feel and accept challenging emotional states, instead of getting worse, they get better.

When in the role of facilitator, guide others to the source of Divine Love, and then step away. 

Don’t intercede between a person and their connection with the Divine.  No one can be pushed across the threshold of surrender. Watch out for creating roles of dependency.  Our message is one of personal agency, freedom, and reclaiming personal power.  Don’t lose sight of your own connection with Divine Love as the source of healing.

Don’t rob someone of an essential experience.  Lend your awareness to others with a light touch. 

If you feel yourself taking on the weight of others’ pain, then ground.  Give it to the earth.  Maintain healthy boundaries.

Teach love.  Learn.  Listen in love.   Don’t avoid or indulge in negative states.  An honest view is enough.  Throw off the chatter of the mind through acceptance, love, and forgiveness.

Seek freedom through the impeccability of personal action and responsibility.

And when you fail at any of these precepts, accept that too. Take an honest view.  And in so doing, learn from yourself and others. 


Release your disappointment at falling short of perfection.  Receive the Divine Love available to you as you are.

Learn from the teachings of the Madre and Christ.

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